A pure gastronomic experience at an unprecedented height.

The skyline of Antwerp as culinary decor.

Unique experience

The kitchen of star restaurant Zilte** is managed by Chef Viki Geunes.

“As a chef I developed a tasting ability where purely balanced taste sensations titillated me. Together with my team, I strive to offer our guests a gastronomic total experience every time”.

“Every day we search for perfection in the culinary whole. This includes the signboard, the location, the atmosphere and the entire setting. In short, we want our guests to leave the restaurant with fond memories – or beloved memories – that linger”.

“The entire Zilte team is passionate about their profession. We are always looking for perfection and this in every detail. Only in this way can we strive for a unique, gastronomic total experience. An experience with awe and mystery, a culinary journey that will you will keep forever in your thoughts”.


In Zilte, a pure and unique total experience is central. We transform products into creations with attention to the essentials that titillate all your senses. All this is supported by a team full of character with professional knowledge and hospitality in first place.
The comfortable setting with its panoramic view over the Antwerp skyline and warm atmosphere accompany your culinary journey in a unique decor with heritage and innovation as a guideline. We strive to genuinely intensify the experience. The refined materials and soothing colors used in our interior complete Zilte. Chef Viki Geunes, hostess Viviane Plaquet and their team invite you for a pure and unique gastronomic journey at an unprecedented height.
“The best products shine through the savoir-faire and the inspiration of a chef brimming with talent. Together with his kitchen team, he creates both subtle and striking flavors that can appear original”.

– MICHELIN Guide Inspectors

New safety measures

Dear guest,

Despite the new measures taken by the Province of Antwerp, we still hope to welcome you in Zilte. Together with our team, we ensure that you can fully enjoy your visit as usual.

A smaller bubble gives us the opportunity to increase the attention for you as a guest and to make your pure Zilte experience even more intense. That is why we would like to present you our renewed ‘Pure Zilte’ seven-course menu that we serve during dinner. Our lunch will of course also remain available.

North Sea crab
string bean  jalepeño   barilotto
Imperial Heritage caviar
soubise  buckwheat  hazelnut
Young lobster
carrot – pepper  spicy mango  dukkah
pork leg  lettuce  vin jaune  whelks
Summer deer
apricot – turnip  hemp  tamarind
amontillado  macadamia  tarte Russe
Bitter chocolate
kers  samba – vanilla

In addition, we want to follow the imposed measurements like no other to protect everyone’s health. This is why we ask you to take into account the rules below, which are effective from today, Tuesday, the 28th of July. Only together can we defeat this virus!

New measures
– Face masks are required to wear on arrival at the MAS.
– Please respect the arrival time of 19.00h for dinner as much as possible so that your visit remains a unique experience.
– Hands must be disinfected when entering the MAS and before entering the restaurant. This also applies after every toilet visit. Disinfectant is provided.
-Coats and accessories should be left on the coat rack at the front of the restaurant.
– Please leave your table as little as possible. If this is however necessary, you must wear a mask in the restaurant.
– Each guest must leave his or her basic information in the restaurant. Data is only used in case of emergency by the government.
– We kindly ask you to leave the restaurant after dinner by 23:00 so that you have enough time to get home safely.

We would like to thank you all for your understanding.

Stay safe and take care for each other.

Culinary greetings,
Viviane Plaquet & Viki Geunes